Bob_125x125Hi, my name is Bob Prince and I created this site to serve as hub for communication with people just like you–network marketers– particularly network marketers who would like help in their marketing efforts and would like to achieve better results.  It is my intention that this blog will facilitate our getting to know each other and will provide value to you for use in improving your business, whatever it may be.  And if you decide to join us to play this game that would be great too!

Be sure that you opt in to the contact form to the right of the page so I can send you a totally free training series, Web Mastery For Marketers, which will cover all the basics of the technical stuff which you need to know in order to get your internet business happening.

If you find that you are struggling in your business and it seems like more of a unrealistic hobby or some far-off hope than it does an actual business, a business which is producing for your the type of proft you really want, I can assure you that I can totally empathize with your situation.

I have experienced extreme lows in this business and I have experienced extreme highs.

I have gone from being a total “Dummy” in the beginning, not having any idea where to even start to market my business, to achieving a healthy income, having my days free, paying cash for my sailboat (which I don’t recommend by the way), and blowing ridiculous amounts of money for no good reason.

I have experienced the struggle and the actual reality of what it takes to build a network marketing business form absolute zero up to a productive, profitable business.

I have experienced losing everything, for reasons beyond my control, and having to start all over again and I have built from scratch more than once.

So if you have ever gotten the feeling in talking to a sponsor that he/she  just “wasn’t understanding YOUR situation”, I can assure you that I have been there.  And having been on both sides of the experience has yielded some interesting and valuable observations and lessons.

My story begins in Rocky Mount, North Carolina  USA.  This is my adopted home town, a very southern, old south oriented community full of very “hard-working” people.  This environment comes with certain ideas about money which are prevalent in such communities.  One of those ideas is that the wealthiest people in town are generally the doctors and lawyers and so “if you want to make money you should go to college and become a doctor or lawyer…”.

Bad advice for me.  I can’t even handle watching the medical channel,  just not my cup of tea and don’t get me started on the “legal” system PLEZZZ  ;-(  !!

If only I had realized this before completing  6 years of undergraduate school in the pre-law program.  It was East Carolina University, Greenville, N.C..

You know, the other students in my program were so excited about that field.  For me, I was just wishing I was out surfing.

There was really one major idea that I got from completing college:  I didn’t want to work a job for the rest of my life, making some other guy rich while I slaved my next 40 years away doing the same thing over and over again, for essentially the same paycheck every week, forever.  Yikes!

My interest back in those days was truly that of traveling, surfing and loafing.

I worked in restaurants throughout college and for a short time after college I was actually able to work as a restaurant manager.

What I found about that is that it was mainly working harder for less than minmum wage ( $2.25 in 1977 ) and 6 days a week 60 + hours, and spending a lot of hours doing the work an employee should do.  This lasted about 6 months then after the third transfer to “clean up” some other manager’s crap, I sang the “Charlie Pride Song” to management and went back to Greenville, NC  to start my own business with my best friend from high school.

So the point is that trying to please the management and customers was harder than earning a Phd and I did not get to do what I loved.  Geez!

Here I was with a Bachelor’s Degree in Politcal Science from a major university–a degree which was paying about $4 per hour at the time– and I was working with high school drop-outs and lazy college students.

I moved to Raleigh, NC in 1981 with my wife in order to be  somewhere that was experiencing better economic growth and I took at  job, working in commercial communications.  It was terrible, another ungratefull employer stuffing their pockets off my hard earned work !!

About 2 years in, due to some personal disagreements, I left that company and found myself unemployed.  This was maybe the scariest time of my life!

I was looking for ANYTHING that could get me out of that situation.

I had no idea what I was going to do with my life.

This is when I found Multilevel Marketing. It was about to EXPLODE World Wide and I wanted IN !!

I first started with a company called NuSkin International. I was so excited. This was the first time I had ever been presented with the concept of residual income and MLM.

I maxed my credit card to buy a kit and some promotional cassettes.  Yes, I said “cassettes”!  This was back in the olden days of the 1990s and we were still using cassettes for some things.

Well, I failed miserably in this company.

I had no clue how to market.

I tried cold-calling from the phone book.  I knocked on doors.  I accosted employees of stores in the malls.  I flyered doors–both houses and cars in movie theater parking lots.  I paid for classified ads and wasted money on voice mail systems.  You name it and I’ve done it.

I was awful at prospecting.

Awful at selling.

Awful at closing.

Awful at just about everything that I needed to be good at in order to succeed.

I hated cold-calling.  I hated the rejection.

But I did get one thing from it.  And that was the concept of personal development.

The first time I was ever exposed to Zig Ziglar and Napoleon Hill, and Earl Nightengale, etc. was through that company.

And one day in 1999 I met a guy on the internet who exposed me to Intnet Marketing and a way of marketing an opportunity that was extremely effective and I decided to go on board with him and spent the next several years working closely with him and some of his associates.  These were guys who had been professional marketers for well over 20 years.

I began to pick up things from them.

I began to realize the little, tiny things that were making the big difference in terms of results.

I began to emulate and adopt and integrate different styles into what I was doing.

And I began to sell product!  Holy Crap!  This was amazing!

So I did that for awhile and got the point where I was becoming very successful in selling the products.

Then I began to focus on recruiting.

I developed a system that helped me recruit more and more and more people.

My percentages got better and better.

I worked with and coached and managed my people.

They developed and I began getting duplication and building teams.

I began recruiting like crazy.   My teams were selling huge amount of product.  Money really started to flow in.

Everything was going so great, I had a hefty income and then one day…

The manufacturer stopped making our main product in enough volume to supply our needs.

I looked and looked and looked for another product that would fit in to what we were doing but nothing else was producing the same type of results.  This was a very “product-specific” business.

But the main problem was, because the bottom essentially fell out of the company, nearly all the people who were in my down-line just left and never wanted to do another thing like that ever again because they experienced a failure beyond their control.  Many of them went back to working jobs.

So, to shorten the story, not too long after that I got very involved in working with marketers who I e-mailed for their products.  I did part-time marketing during that time to support myself.  I sold everything from ink-jet refills to doing promotional marketing for natural health care products, doing workshops, lecturing, etc.

Not too long after that a friend of mine emailed me to tell me that he had gotten involved in a new opportunity and had created $11,000 in his first 5 weeks.

I took a look at this and I decided that I would get back into this game IF I could do it on-line and automate it.

This began an extremely intensive study in internet network marketing.  A study to which I have dedicated thousands of hours, and lost hundreds of hours of sleep.  I realized that internet marketing is a broad field.  There is a lot to learn!

And if you are trying to figure it all out yourself please know that you are going to waste hundreds of hours worth of time and you are going to pull out a great deal of hair trying to get it all together.

It’s not that difficult as long as you have someone to show you step-by-step exactly what to do.

I found some real mentors in this arena.

I have paid tons of money to get access to certain areas of expertise.

I am now connected to some very powerful marketers.

I generate qualified leads that come to me on a daily basis.

I sign people up in my primary opportunity.

I profit from the 90% of the prospects that do not join my primary opportunity.

This is an ongoing learning experience but…

If you are interested in putting your network marketing business online and creating big flows of leads, and building your business, for REAL, and not for MAYBE, then this is something that I can help with.

Read through this blog, attend the webinars that I invite you to and most importantly, opt in to the contact form at the top of the page to subscribe to my training series, “The Complete Moron’s Guide To Internet Network Marketing” to begin your journey to truly transforming your business.

Internet Network Marketing is not only a science.  It is an art.

You do not have to be an “expert” in order to use this technology to generate massive leads and to begin sponsoring people into your MLM business.  You can begin doing this very quickly.  But you will need guidance.

Be sure to read through this entire blog so that you can get the full picture of what we have happening here, and so that you can make an educated decision about where to put your time and energy.

And most definitely, if you do nothing else, subscribe to my mailing list so that you can begin taking advantage of my current training program, “Web Mastery For Network Marketers”.  This will get you started in expanding your business on-line.

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