“Save Thousands Of Dollars Annually In Advertising Costs By Properly Researching The Keywords Relative To Your Business”

We have written a complete article about Keyword Research Here

It would be a good idea for you to read that if you have not. It will show you how most of your competitors will never get 1st page Search Engine Rankings, or, why they will have to pay through the nose for it, instead of gettingFREE natural organic Search Engine Traffic indefinitely.

Would you like to reduce your advertising costs by up to 80% per year?

Proper initial keyword research is key to saving your business thousands of dollars BEFORE you buy a domain name.

Do not worry…. If you are one of the businesses that have bought a domain name that does not naturally rank high in the search engines for free, the cost of acquiring a new domain name is around 10 bucks.

The cost of setting up the domain, and optimizing it and getting it ranked, is usually less than 10% of your annual advertising budget, yet it will continue to bring your business targeted leads that is itching to get the product or service that you offer for years to come.

Free Search Engine traffic ranks higher than all other traffic methods for websites in terms of conversion. People that type in a specific word, or phrase relating to your business, have been proven to be the buyers of said products or services. Some keywords are even stronger signals that customers are going to buy than others.

With knowing what these words are, and placing them in your domain name, you are literally OPENING A FLOODGATE of free organic search engine traffic.

If you would like us to do the keyword research for your business, BEFORE you buy a domain name, or to get an additional domain name that will have organic search engine
traffic that will be easy to rank high for, then Take Action at the Bottom Of This Page.

We will come up with 2-5 domain names (depending on the business) that are available to buy, that in our Expert Opinion, you will be able to rank on the first page. We will not even bother if we are unable to find a search term that is not searched at least 200 times a day.

In the rare case where we cannot find search phrases searched over 200 times a day, we will refund the cost of our services FULLY

Here is just one example of how a highly keyword targeted domain can rank on the first page in record time!

(Important Note: If your Google Search Engine Results for that search term, do not show the same thing you see in this video, it is likely because you are not in BC. Google has the intelligence to provide the searcher’s geographical results mostly related to where the searcher is searching from. This is good if your business targets customers from a specific, City, State, Province, Country)

We guarantee your satisfaction with the available domains that we find relating to the keyword phrases that people type into the search engines when looking to buy or hire your service.

This service can literally save you thousands of dollars of buying traffic to sites that will never get ranked in the search engine, and although this is a very inexpensive service, it literally is one of the most important steps BEFORE buying a new domain.

Do not make the mistake that 99.9999% of business owners make when buying a domain. There is a reason why companies can get top rankings on Google, and bad or no keyword research from your competitors, give you an edge up on your competition. How would you like to lower your long term advertising costs by up to 80% just because you took the time to buy the right domain?

Hire us to find you the golden nugget domain, that will give you targeted traffic for years to come for a simple one time expense now!

Get your domain now, before your competition reads this, capitalizes on this, and blows by you in the search engines.

I know what you are thinking….

How many good .com’s are left?

Are they not all spoken for?

The answer is, Not even Close.

There are literally billions upon billions of keyword combinations. It is almost infinite. When you consider the blend of every word in our vocabulary, combined with at least 200-300 keyword phrases that are relevant to any average business, what you get left with is a whole lot of domains available to exploit unfound gems. Add country domain extensions relative to your country like, .ca, .co.uk, .us, and you literally have more options than one could possibly Imagine.

Google has the intelligence to provide local research results for domains, based on where you are searching from. Did you know that if you search vancouver cars for sale, you will get approximately 50% of the domains with the .ca extension?

You can not afford NOT to do the proper Keyword Research before or after you buy your domain.

If you have already bought a domain without doing the keyword research, you are already learning the cost of traffic, and it is also IMPERATIVE, that you spend a few dollars now to at minimum tie up the domains that your competitors are sure to scoop up as this knowledge becomes more widespread.

For years, internet marketers have been capitalizing on using these strategies within 1 Niche. Internet Marketing. This is causing many internet marketers to leave the niche, and help local businesses DOMINATE the search engines.

Our firm owns over 65 high ranking domains that generate ongoing residual income from being the first to the Niche.

We will do the Keyword Research, and come up with 2-5 High Traffic Search Engine Domains for you choose from. Buy 1, or buy all at 10 dollars each. Then we can even help you setup each domain and dominate each keyword phrase relative to that domain name.

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