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Social-Media-Internet-MarketingAnd Because there’s Sooo much more to cover and I always like to over deliver… at the bottom of every page you’ll find a link that will lead you to additional training.

I’ve compiled a list of free advertising resources for you to refer to. You might want to bookmark these pages. You’ll find that this can be a Very Valuable Free Internet Marketing Resource Guide for you to refer to. Master one skill that peaks your interest. Stick with it for 6 weeks, then move on to another resource.

Social Media Marketing

Top Social Media Networks:

Social Media Guidelines

How do you sell on social media??

Bottom line is… You DON’T!
There is NO selling on Social Media and If thats what your doing … Your going to have a hard time succeeding in this industry.

If you’re posting and messaging everyone about your Opportunity and/or spamming your Affiliate Links… You might as well go back to pitching your friends and family.  People just aren’t gonna join you or your team if your Business Model is to shove links down peoples throats.

The point of SOCIAL Media is just that, Socializing. You should be Leveraging* Social Media to generate traffic and leads from the millions of people who hang out there, by Building a list of friends and Creating Relationships with them.  Provide Value to those Leads who are interested in what you have to offer them. Thus, creating Prospects (Your New Warm Market.)  Yes, there is a difference between Leads and Prospects.

What’s the difference between Leads and Prospects?

Leads are just Cold People who Happen to Answer Some Type of Lead Generation Method (Classified Ad, Responded to Your Video, Your Friend on a Social Media Site, etc.) , and request more information.

A Prospect is Someone who Opts into your List and begins to build a relationship with you by following you on Social Media sites, Youtube, Over the Phone or Your Auto-Responder/Email.

A Good Prospect will Sell Themselves Into Your Opportunity.  The Ones Who Don’t, keep them close to the fire as they might need you in the Future.

Now Stop Selling on Social Media!

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