In this post I’ll be covering an extremely important topic. One that almost doomed my business to fail as I was getting my start in the industry.

This pertains to setting goals and concentrating your efforts on “high yield” activities to grow your business Now and for the long-term.

High Yield? Yeah, activities that yield the highest return on the time it takes to complete the task at hand.

When I was first getting started in marketing online I found that I wasted a lot of time. And when I say a lot, I mean A TON of time!

Checking emails, staying on the phone for hours on end, and doing research (without applying it) leads to low productivity and minimal results for your business.
You’ll have time for everything above, but it is important to set High Yield goals for the day, and… Do Them First.

A few Examples Of High Yield Activities For Network Marketers Would Be:

  • Writing an article for the product or company you are promoting
  • Create a video tutorial and post it to your blog
  • Create content for a page or post on your site
  • Writing sales copy
  • Writing an autoresponder sequence
  • Create a blog post
  • Write an email broadcast

Then, distribute the content to your list, facebook, twitter or other networks.

Many of the tasks above will bring you immediate results, such as clicks to your offer, establishing a relationship with your readers, gaining new subscribers etc, where others will play a part in getting you one step closer to your desired outcome… making more money.

You’ll notice that all the tasks above don’t come with time schedules or certain deadlines for completion. It is up to you to choose 1 High Yield Task for the day, and complete that first. Then, take a break, set the timer for 15 minutes and check your facebook or email (whatever floats your boat). When that 15 minutes passes… STOP! Then, move on to another high yield activity.

All too often we spend the majority of our time on low yield activities that are sometimes productive short term, but yield minimal results for the long term.
“Oh, I’ll just call back these few people THEN work on content for my site”.  What I’ve all too often found is that those few calls leads to several dozen, and then… why not check your email why you’re at it? Before you know it, the day has past and nothing has been accomplished.

A few Examples Of Low Yield Activities For Network Marketers Would Be:

  • Engaging in “chatter” on facebook, twitter and other social networks
  • Spending waaay too much time on “designing” the perfect site (i.e. graphics etc)
  • Checking email consistently
  • Checking stats on your programs or products
  • Installing scripts or plugins
  • Buying course after course without applying any of the teachings
  • Doing way to much research without taking action

These low yield tasks can be deceiving at times as well. Oh, they’re sneaky! They can sure make you feel like you’re accomplishing something important while you’re getting back to all those emails, or while your researching a new marketing technique. But in the end… you still haven’t REALLY done anything to BUILD and GROW your business. You haven’t taken action on anything that will lead to: you earning a long-term income, new subscribers, or  solidify yourself in the market place.

So, What Can You Do To Accomplish More High Yield Activities?

This is a whole lot easier than it sounds : )

Simply pick out 1 or 2 High Yield Activities and DO THEM FIRST.

I like to write out a few things that I want to accomplish for the next day just as I finish up work for the evening.  I’ve found that this also, subconsciously,  let’s me marinate on how the task will be completed and in doing so, the task gets accomplished much quicker.

Today, my list included:

  1. Optimize a set of pages on a niche site for the engines
  2. Write this blog post : )

Now that I’ve completed these tasks, I can do a few Low Yield activities to complete the day.

Once you get good at accomplishing those all-important 1 or 2 High Yield activities, you can stack another High Yield activity on to your list. You’ll find that with practice, completing 1 or 2 important tasks will lead to more productivity in your business and it will come easier as you move along. What took you an hour to complete 1 task before, may only take 15 minutes to complete as you get better.

Just be sure not to overdo yourself. Take short breaks when you need them, or in-between tasks. And never create huge “To-Do Lists” for the day… especially if they are unrealistic.

To start … Make a list of 1.

Accomplish that, and move on from there.

You’ll find that getting more important work done, leads to more important work. You see, important work recharges us and gives us a feeling of great self-accomplishment. And that’s rewarding!

Note: I realize that the lists above may not be 100% accurate when it comes to all Network Marketing. Many of us have very different goals. Use the comments section below to discuss *Your* High yield activities and let us know what task you’re going to tackle first thing tomorrow!

Yours in Mastery,
Bob Prince

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