First off I would to tell you a little about myself. Originally from Viginia and living in Winterville,NC working as a web designer for the past 8 years. If you would like to take a look at some of my work please visit and view my portfolio.

Thinking that after 8 years designing and developing websites for local businesses in my area and abroad that making a decent income online as an Internet Marketer would be a breeze. I kept hearing the facts that 95% of people who try to make a living online fail, pack up and end returning to there normal 9 to 5 BROKE!, but considered myself to have a big advantage taking in account my background as a web designer.

Quickly I was proven wrong.

I started working online full time as an Internet Marketer in November 2009 and slow to learn, endless hours wasted and lots of hard cash wasted. I designed site and site, hired writers from forums like Digital Point and Warrior Forum to write endless pages on content around the type of site I was trying to create.  Promoting and promoting and waiting for affiliate payments to arrive in my accounts and nothing seemed to work.

Coming closer to Christmas, getting more broke and more confused I was left with little choice but to start selling up. The best decision of my life. I sold 10 of
sites for a lot less of what they cost me put together not to even mention the time wasted.

Reading more and more ebooks, guides, tutorials, listening to everyone tell me how easy it is once your know how. But what kept frustrating me more and more not one ebook or one of the 50 webinars I attended would show how exactly it was done. Many contacted me by phone, by email, by skype and would ask me and the usual questions. Are you in debt? Are you renting? Are you happy? etc etc.. They would tell me “I have the solutions” “I can help you”. Thinking to myself this is great, these guys really are going to help me. and then the magic question. “How much are you willing to invest Mr Fahey. My reply being “What are the options”. Well Mr Fahey we have a 3 courses from $497 to $1997 which will teach you how to make an income online of over $50,000 within 3 years etc etc… which all sounds well and good but there no guarantee. So back to square one!

Many say that everyone needs a mentor and tells me that a mentor that is going to help you fulfill your financial dreams costs and costs a lot, so please understand by reading this your are not going to become a internet millionaire this year but if you are new to internet marketing and not making $2,000 online
each month I recommend continue reading and take in and “act” on as much information as you feel comfortable with.

I am going to outline the basic programs you need to get started, explain why you need them and how they will help you. Most of the programs I mention as free others will cost a small few dollars each month but I will show you how to make them pay for themselves, and make another stream of income from them.

Many say that by choosing many businesses and products you are dividing your time and none will progress to a decent full time income. I agree with this in one sense but while your business or downline grow you need other sources of income to supplement your income. In time once the effort has been put into each all your businesses will be growing on autopilot.

Number 1. An Autoresponder Service

I started using Aweber from the beginning and after a few weeks I decided to switch to Trafficwave. Trafficwave was cheaper, the tracking system was better and the affiliate program was by far the best.

Please remember the main reason you need to join this program. To build a list of subscribers, that you can email as often and as many times are you want for free. No clicking for credits, no safelists, no text & ad exchanges.

The service costs $17.99 a month and with a little bit of marketing once you have 3 referrals in your downline it pays for itself. Your downline runs 10 levels deep meaning over time you can earn a 5 figure a month income from this program alone. This is way down the line and I would not worry or think about this now. Join
the program
, get 3 referrals in your downline so it pays for itself, your referras will help your income grow here without you referring and more. More information on the Trafficwave Affiliate Program is here.

Number 2. A Personal Website

Hundreds of hosts to choose, where do you start and what is the difference. Personally if your planning on starting in Internet marketing I would suggest get going with a .ws domain. I know many of your would have heard of GDI before, the failure rate, and the number of drop outs. Some of you might already have joined and left already. Some of you might have joined programs can promise to help you build your downline 6 by 6 leaving your with an income of $9,330 each month. The truth is these programs don’t work or at least none that I have heard of.

GDI is not the fastest way to make an income online but it is a stable business and you need a website to market products and build your list. Once your setup in GDI your options are then open to join other programs for free, likeFree & Powerful. Once you enter your GDI username into the free and powerful system your account is credited with $50. I have had great success in building my GDI downline using the system, which is also connected with Trafficwave. So while your building your GDI downline, your Trafficwave downline you will also receive between $17 & $40 everytime you introduce someone to the Free & Powerful
system who switches the powerswitch.

GDI also comes with an easysite builder so if you lack the experience in designing websites this is the best option for you.

If you feel that GDI is not for you and the $10 a month payment is too high for a website I suggest you useNewGenHosting Services. I have been working with this company for the past 6 months the support does not come much better for affordable hosting. $9.99 per year for your domain name and hosting starting at $1.99 per month

Number 3 A FPT clinet

Once your have your website setup your going to need a way to easily upload your files. Coreftp is a free service I have used for 7 years without any problems. There is also a addon for Firefox you can use a long with many others.

Number 4 A HTML Editor

I personally used Dreamweaver. One of the more professional HTML editors but cost near $400. If you would like a free HTML editor which is easy to work with I would go with Korpozer

Number 5 Search Engine Submitter & High PR Backlinks

The three most important search engines to submit your site to are Google, Yahoo & MSN. But there is no reason to leave it at that. Go to Submit Express & and you can automatically submit your site to hundreds of more. I also highly recommend your to and summit your site to the top 20.

Number 6 Metatag Geneator

Meta tags correctly formatted are a vital part of high rankings on Google. Here you place your page title, keywords and description into an online form and a perfectly format meta is generated for you. Use this free service to generate professional meta tags.

Number 7 Classified Ads

Craigslist & Backpage are by far the best response for free advertising plus again are another great high PR backlink. There are hundreds of other sites to place your advertising.

Number 8 A URL Cloaker

Cloaking your URL and tracking your links are a vital part of guaranteed your commission is paid to you and not stolen from another Internet Marketers. I highly recommend using and open a free account. This will take you two minutes and you can easily share, track and protect your links.

Number 9 List Building

When I started off I was happy to see 5 to 10 people added to my list every day, ignorant as I was this was a terrible results. Without much effort or advertising 6 months later I am adding 80 – 150 to the personal optin list every day using free methods. While building my list I am receiving numerous pay pal payments each day from one time offers, thanks you offers, thank you ads and follow up emails.

What you need to do is find a PLR products that comes with a reseller site. Many can be found on JV giveaway events and there are many new offers each month. If HTML is not your thing this part must try and understand and learn exactly how it is done. Once you figure this out you can be putting together web pages to grow your list and oto offers in minutes.

Download the reseller sites and set up a campaign in Trafficwave. You will be given a option to send the user to a different URL when they enter there name and email. If this is related to the offer all the better. Here is an example of a offer I used to grow my list and make instant paypal payments, affiliate, and recurring affiliate commission.

Send users to a page to download 50 Free PLR Articles

Once the enter their name and email address they are taken to a one time offer and an option to purchase 50,000 PLR Articles for $10. And the end of the page they are taken given an option to purchase the 50,000 or click to the receive your download link for the 50 free articles. If they choose to skip the offer I would then make them a second oto (one time offer) for 34,000 PLR articles for $6 near the end of this page again the can purchase the articles pack or I would instruct the user to check his or her email for the confirmation link where once they click confirm they are taken to the download page for there 50 PLR Articles. On the download page I use a pop up for the affiliate program which converts articles to videos with one click. The cost of the this is $50 per month and the affiliate program pays 50% recurring commission every month. In general people you do not make a sale straight away and the sales are made in the follow up letters.

Follow up example for a simple campaign like this.

Follow up # 1. Thank the user for confirming there email address, provide the link to download the articles again, the link for the 50,000 Articles for $10 and the link to turn the articles in talking videos.

Follow up # 2. Send a letter reminding the user and the program which can turn their articles in talking videos.

Follow up # 3. Offer the subscriber a free report relating to article marketing and blogging and try to get personal with the subscriber so he or she will get to know and trust you.

Follow up # 4. Another letter explaining the benefits of the video article program how it can benefit the user.

Follow up # 5. Considering articles are the interest of this user there is a high chance he or she would have interest in articles submitters and blogging technics. Search clickbank for a products with a gravity above 30% and send the user information and this product with your clickbank id.

So lets take a closer look at this.

Setup time including follow letters, setting up the oto finding the right product on click bank and becoming an affiliate for the video articles program. ~ 30 minutes – 60 minutes.

Lets say over the space of a few days you send 1000 people to this page. 20% sign up for the 50 free articles 5% purchase the article pack for $10 and another 5% purchase 34,000 articles for $6.

So what have we got. 200 people are on your personal optin list.

5% purchased 50,000 at $10 = $100

5% purchased 34,000 at $6 = $60

1% sign up for the video article program = $50 recurring monthly

1% purchase a product from click bank = $50

Your little offer which takes very little time or experience to setup just
made you $210 instanly and $50 a month in recurring commission.
You also have added 200 people to your personal optin list which you
can email whenever and how often you like offering more products
earning your more income.

How to build your opt in list fast!

JV Giveaway Events

There are hundreds of ways to build an optin list but here are the ways I found the best while waiting for your site to be listed in Google and your ranking to increase. Each month there are 15 or more giveaway events I would join. Search Google for “JV Giveaway Events” or “PLR Giveaway Events” and include what ever month and year you are looking for in your search. Each of these are 100% free to join and add a gift. You simply upload an image of the gift you
are giving away, write a small description and add the  PRL for the user to download. It would take you maybe 1 hour to join 15 giveaway events and add your gift giving you on going subscribers for that month. Beginning on the next month do the same again. Join, add your gift and watch a steady flow of subscribers come in. If you would like the up to date info on the latest JV Giveaways please click here and sign up for free. You will be first to know about these events by
email. direct from me. Remember they are all 100% free to join so there is no reason why you should not sign up.

Ad Swaps

Adswaps also proved to be a great way to increase your list size. Quality is better than quantity so please remember this while trying to build your list with adswaps. I see some marketers adswaping 2 – 3 times a day plus sending there own personal or promotional email. Do not go down this line. You will end up with a high number of unsubscribers and a unresponsive list. I would recommend 3 – 4 swaps a week, 1 – 2 personal emails each week and 2 – 3 promotional emails
a week which are going to put cash in your pockets. If I get an email from the same person 2 – 3 times a day, am I going to read each one, are you? No would be the answer! As your list grows, the larger swaps you can look for, and once you hit 1000 by choosing the right swap partners you can be adding 50 – 100 to your list every day from adswaps alone.

Social Networking

My experience in social networking tells me it is a great way to build your downline in MLM programs, an easy way to increase your list size but no the best way for direct selling. Most of the time I would avoid putting oto on capture forms I use in Social Networks, and use thank ads for other affiliate programs on the download page. The reason for this being I want friends not customers, team players which will help me build by business. Many Internet Marketers have
had great success with Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. My greatest success in Social Networks would be Swom “The Social Network for Internet Marketers”. If you read my blog you will see many articles relating to Social Networks which will explain why I stay clear of Facebook and Myspace  and concertate more onSwom and Twitter. I recommend you do the same. I joined Swom during pre-launch in February 2010 and in the first month I was receiving a 3 figure income. Swom offers a way to your advertise your business ops to 40,000 and growing Internet Marketers from around the world and
earning money from connecting with members and promoting your business. You can join as a free member and upgrade at any time. The cost of upgrading is $24.95 per month and the greatest thing about Swom you do not need to refer members for your income to grow. Note I did not join Swom to make money from the program, I joined to have instant access to talk to thousands of Internet Marketers from around the world when ever I want. Everyone is there to earn, make connections, promote their business and join other businesses that interest them. using the technic I learned I have put together a 10 minute on how to make the most of Swom gold membership, receiving the maxium number of points and connections daily leading you a healthy ongoing monthly income. Click here to join Swom for free, oncea member search for “Kevin Fahey” and the first thing you will be on my profile the link to the video which will quickly show you the secrets to success with Swom.

Twitter is also another way to market your business and grow your downline. Used incorrectly by most marketers who have has little to no success with, and proven a gold mine for others. The secrets to success with Twitter can be found by clicking here and I have included a free copy of Twitter Blaster Pro, training videos and Twitter templates to help you get started.

ASignature That Sells!

A signature thats sells, that promotes you, your social networking accounts, your website, your blog and anything else.

Two Things which I have not spent much or any time promoting lately are GDI and Swom but continuing to grow daily down to a 2 things. Reviews on my blog and my signature. Here what I would put a the end of most of my emails.

To Your Success

Kevin Fahey

Twitter »

My Blog »

WebDesign & SEO »

Connect with me on Swom »

Claim $50 in 15 Minutes »

So lets take a look at exactly what your need to begin your life as an successful Internet Marketer If you do it in this order it will work out best.

Please open a notepad or word document and save your user name and password for each program.

  1. A Gmail Account » Sign up here »
  2. A Paypal Account » Sign up here »
  3. A Alert Pay Account » Sign up here »
  4. A Twitter Account » Sign up here »
  5. A FTP Clinet » Download here »
  6. A Personal Website » Sign up here »
  7. A Autoresponder Service » Sign up here »
  8. A Skype Account » Download here »
  9. A HTML Editor » Download Here »
  10. A Swom Account » Sign up here »
  11. Clickbank Account » Sign up here »
  12. Free & Powerful Account » Sign up here »



Now your got all the info, you have all the programs, you´re a member of Alertpay & Paypal so you can send and receive money. You know how to setup on an autosponder with a one time offer. You can now generate meta tags and build backlinks to unsure a high ranking on Google. You are a member of Twitter & Swom to help you advertise  and connect with other internet marketers. You can an account with Skpye so you can connect with more internet marketers and connect me at any time if you need help with anything. There are also two groups in Skype which are pretty useful for adswaps. Once you have a skype
account search for “kevinfahey535” and I will add you to these groups so you can arrange swaps with all list sizes for free.


All of the above are responsible for adding 2000 to my personal optin list in the past 6 weeks, and hundreds in instant commission with less than 20 minutes spent for each offer setting up the pages with my paypal buttons, and arranging adswaps, while promoting them in Swom. The real money was in the followup emails with commission from affiliate programs, but most important is to built you list fast giving you access to email your subscribers when ever and how often
you please.

Lets Begin

Your got your personal website and autorespoder accounts set up.

1. Purchase the pack above or join some of the currrent JV Giveaway Events currently being held. Download a PLR Pack with a Reseller site.

2. Setup a campaign in Trafficwave and add the auto responder code for optins and include a subscription link for a one time offer and a download link for the download page when setting up your code.

3. Join some JV Giveaway events and add your free gift.

4. Join Swom and add connections and friends fast using the information on my profile. Advertise your business ops in your profile and once connections have been made offer your connection the free gift.

5. Once you have reach 50+ subscribers you can start looking for adswap partners.

6. Everything is in place, your learning more and more on how the system works, as your list size continues to multiply so does you income. Your on your way to become a successful Internet Marketer.

Note : If you are still confused about how to make money online and think that the information above will be to complicated take a look at Devon Browns WebCopyCat. Devon has created a mastermind system where you do not need to understand, or carry out 80% of the steps I have listed. He has provided professionally built capture pages, sale video pages for the highest converting products on clickbank and a one click process to include followup letters in all your campaign. You may choose from 8 of the most profitable niches with a new niche added each. You may read my review of WebCopyCat here or test the system for $5 by clicking here









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